Friday, October 30, 2009

Result release~


Result released on the night of 28th ago. Hmmm overall my result still quite ok =) Feel happy with it~ Hope that this sem I can do better~

Aiks so bored now.. Home alone since morning~ Aiks~ must find some activities to do liao -.-

Recently I'm having very complicated feelings..Dunno how can I explain my feelings..aiks~ Some more I gotta turn 21 years old d in few more days~ Humph~

Lalala~ dunno wat to blog 0.0

Wait for my next entry la ^^

Monday, October 19, 2009

Back in Miri~


I'm currently back in Miri for holiday -.- This holiday's very short compared to usual holiday we had b4 -.- aiks y MMU de holiday getting lesser and lesser -____- Awww~ I heard that our results will be out tomoro~ aiks havent prepared myself for that -.- hais~ hope my results wont be too bad la~

I eat and sleep alot since I back Miri~ So guess my weight is increasing "rapidly" -.- wakakak XD
Other than these of course I do hang out with frens in this small town la hehe~

My birthday's coming soon~ aiks growing older =( gotta turn 21 years old on 2nd November. Felt happy and sad at the time aiks~ gotta blog more bout it when my birthday really comes =)

Aiyor dunno what to blog bout -.- I just back home now. Just now had outing with Wendy, KuetTai, Jeffrey, JoonYap and also Raymond~ Spent alot today aiks T.T

Will upload more when I'm free =)
Buai Buai~

Monday, September 21, 2009

It's a break finally~

As stated in my facebook, my status is back to single few days ago. Since I have a blog, I decide to express my feeling here. I was managing my facebook these few days so don really have time to update my blog.

One early morning, after all tests and assignment due dates had passed, I received his sms when I woke up. I had short conversation with him and below is some of the sms-es from him:

-6.04am -I need to talk to you about something...
-6.47am -A break between between us...
-6.49am -Yea... I dont think it is good for me to keep dragging your youth... I will answer any question you ask... I am sorry...
-6.57am -*not to share the contain here as it's written in chinese*
-7.05am -You ok?...
-7.10am -Thank you too for staying with me for so long... Hugs...

After that morning, our status change from couple to frens. I was filled with sadness and disappointments. As many people always say: "forcing will not bring happiness", since he already requested for a break, I grant his wish and replied: "ok". I didnt think too much and I dunno whether I will regret or not after making such decision. Cos when someone no longer has feeling towards you, you'll know it, you just will.. That afternoon, I attended classes as usual like nothing happens.. But deep down in my heart, I am upset... but I know, human should always look forward, time will cure everything..

B4 this, we had been together for 39months. We went through sweet, sour, spicy and bitter moments together. We studied Foudation in same Uni together. Bla bla bla... Anyway, we're frens now, and I think we have more things to talk bout after becoming frens.

Various diff reactions I received from my frens and family after knowing bout this. Some feel sorry for me, some comfort me immediately, some advised me to let go, some even asked " is it he got another new girl at cyber?" Haha so funny -.- I said I dunno. Afterall now we're only frens so I dont really bother. Hehe..cos I should love myself more now~

Thanks to all who had concern bout me very much. I'm strong, I know I can overcome this tough period.. somemore finals are just 1 week from today. I gotta "pack up" all my negative feelings and prepare the best for finals.

That's all for now, will update more frequently haha~
Yo Yo cheer up Wan Xin!!
Have a nice day =)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Let go..

The time has finally come..
Perhaps I should let go..

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

MMU Closed 2009


After I'm done will all the midterms, I took part in the MMU Closed Table Tennis Tournament last Saturday. The event took place in MMU Melaka. It's open to all MMU Melaka and Cyber students and staffs, as well as TM staffs.

As usual, I participate woman single, double and mix double.
My woman double partner is Wong Wei whilst my mix double partner is Yee Fan =)

After "battling" for the whole day, I won two golds and a silver. ^^v Guess my hard work paid off a bit? ;p


Am totally exhausted after that. I sleep like nobody else's business that night~~

Wong wei, my woman double's partner~

And Yee Fan, my mix double partner~
That's all, I shall train harder next time~

Sunday, September 6, 2009



So long I didnt update my blog d =.= anyway, now finally I spare some time to blog a new post!! Keke~

I went to an big event last month:
Event: Dogathon 2009
Time: Morning

Venue: UPM, Selangor

I went down all the way to UPM from Melaka using KKKL bus early in the morning. Then come back Melaka during night time -.- hehe~ although kinda tiring, but I'm having fun on that day!!
Well, I shall let the pictures do the talking =)

While waiting for the bus: Me, Elaine, Celene, Sis

The crowd

Oh man! so similar to a real lion!!

This's another lion dog,they're born with "black tongue" -.-

Dunno what dog-.- But I just took photos with them haha~

This huge dog rescues victims in freezing cold snow places.

Spot the Husky dog??!! Wow so handsome!!
Its fur is so perfect!!
With white eyes some more~
Bunch of dogs lovers~cute little one with ballet dress~too bad it didnt wanna take photo with us -,-
Hush puppies!!
This dunno what name -,- but its style very chio!! fluffy fluffy de~

Forgot the name d -.-

One of my favourites!! Bull dog haha~
It's too tired d after finishing the jog~Another one, but not very cute though -.-

Pure white~ so tiny -.-


That's all for this entry~ will update more often =)
Take care~